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Newly Qualified Nurses in NHS Scotland paid £300py more than Nurses in NHS England.

Scottish First Minister openly stated that newly qualified Scottish nurses earn £300.00 a year more than English nurses.

NHS England boss pledges to continue investing in general practice

Retaining good staff within the NHS should be a priority and their expertise and commitment to Health Care should not be lost to private Health firms

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‘Local Jobs for Local People’

Businesses tendering for local Government contracts should be made to hire people who live close to the place of work.

Employers should turn to overseas workers only when they face genuine skills or labour shortages.

The Workers of England Union has always maintained that uncontrolled, unregulated mass immigration lowers your wages. The following article highlights (with figures and stats) why we hold that view.

Councils cut services to pay staff £15m for trade union time.

Employees are automatically at a disadvantage when being represented by a Trade union who use work place reps, even more so when those reps are receiving vast amounts of money from the employer, making the whole process unfair and not  impartial.

The Workers of England Union only use external and therefore completely independent representatives. 

Doctors could be forced to work for NHS for at least five years under plans for ‘home grown’ expansion

It costs the taxpayer £230,000 to train a doctor, over and above fees paid by individuals. After having been trained a self-employed doctors can earn in excess of £100,000 a year.

ECJ considers holiday carry-over beyond sick leave

A worker’s annual leave can be carried over into the following holiday year if sickness absence prevents holiday from being taken. But what if a worker is prevented from taking leave for other reasons beyond their control?

Workers of England Unite

In the immediate days following the terrorist attack in London there were many organisations, like the workers of England Union, looking on in dismay at what had occurred, we then started to reflect on how best to help our members who work in London and the best time to put this forward and not be lost in all the media coverage….

Living Wage

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage | advice and guidance

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the minimum pay per hour most workers are entitled to by law. The rate will depend on a worker’s age and if they are an apprentice.


‘Made in Britain makes sense’: The factory sewing fastest fashion in middle of town

The Workers of England Union would like to to see more of this type of investment across England and the rest of the UK


Foreign owners in £90m windfall from UK rail

The following article in the Standard (13th February 2017) that  shows why the  Workers of England Union has campaign for more government involvement in UK rail.


Landmark Supreme Court victory ‘could affect millions of people’

A Coleraine woman denied payments from her late long-term partner’s occupational pension from Translink, should have access to the cash the Supreme Court has ruled.


Labour’s Great PFI Swindle & Tory Austerity threatens the survival of the English Health Service.

“The English Health Service is struggling under the massive PFI Debts left to them by the previous Labour Government and current Tory Austerity increase the financial burden even further. They both need to held to account”

 Stephen Morris, General Secretary

Zero-hours workers ‘£1,000 worse off a year’ than employees

Workers on zero-hours contracts lose an estimated £1,000 a year compared with employees doing the same work….


National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) Trawler men need their own English Minster to protect their fishing rights

We welcome the call  by the  National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) for an English Minister for Fisheries.


Employment law changes 2017

Significant employment law changes are anticipated for 2017

Large compliance projects for data protection and gender pay gap reporting will dominate the HR agenda in 2017.


Bank of England spent £100K on summer party as country grappled with Brexit vote

A fortnight after the UK voted to leave the European Union,governor Mark Carney and around 2,500 Bank staff and their families partied at the annual summer sports day, spending £99,035 of tax payers’ money.










We do not use workplace representatives,

this makes our representatives truly independent.


What might an English Parliament look like? The Constitution Unit is consulting on the design options

The Workers of England Union campaigns for an English government which produces clearly stated policies for England.


Everything you need to know – What the Autumn Statement means for you

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said his first Autumn Statement “is focused on  preparing and supporting the economy as we begin writing a new chapter in our  country’s history”.


WEU comments on Philip Hammond’s investment programme

“The Workers of England Union campaigns for the abolition of the Barnett Formula because it leaves the English taxpayer financially worse off.